Finest Quality In-Shell Nuts and Dried Fruits

HotSpot for Birds offers the finest quality in-shell nuts and dried fruit for parrots, squirrels, and people. The nuts listed below is just a small sample of what we carry. Please contact us at (888)246-8776 if you are looking for something special or require larger quantities.

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In-Shell Nuts and Dried Fruit

Description Weight Price Number of Bags
Peerless Almonds are light in color and have a hard shell with a small surface. It is a wide, medium-sized nut with a wrinkly surface.
50lbs $139
Brazil Nuts
These are large, polished Brazil Nuts. Unlike most nuts we commonly eat which are grown in orchards, this nut grows wild in the Amazon rainforest. No wonder Macaws like them so much.
50lbs $425
Although there are some differences between Hazelnuts and Filberts, most people consider them to be the same. Parrots seem to be amused by its round, smooth shell.
50lbs $189
Mixed Nuts
Our mixed nuts include almonds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, and walnuts. The selection has NO peanuts, just these higher quality nuts. Birds and humans like the variety found in this bag.
50lbs $189
The Pecan is the fruit of a hickory tree and is the only major tree nut native to the United States. The smooth, thin, hard shell is oval-shaped.
50lbs $250
We carry the Jumbo Hartley Walnuts which is thought of as the classic California walnut.The shell is thick but easy to crack in half.
50lbs $145
Macadamia Nuts
Our Macadamia Nuts are shipped directly to you from Hawaii. These super fresh, organic nuts are a real treat for parrots, especially Hyancinth Macaws who require more fat in their diet than other birds do.
25lbs Currently out of stock
Pistachio Nuts
Our Pistachios are easier to crack open than the hard shelled nuts like Brazils and Macadamia, so even smaller parrots enjoy them. These are good for humans, too, especially since they are rich in antioxidants which may help reduce cholesterol levels.
25lbs $205
Tropical Trail Mix
As a complement to our selection of in-shell nuts, we have included the Tropical Trail Mix consisting of a variety of dried fruits and nuts that birds and humans love.
25lbs $85
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