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Advin Systems has been providing programming and consulting services since 1983. We have completed projects for companies of all sizes. Our clients include ARCO, GTE, the Danish Consulate, and many hospitals.

We have branched out into Internet consulting, quite frankly, because we really believe in its potential and because it's so much fun.

We will be using this page as the index for our projects. Please check back frequently. We have LOTS of new web sites coming up, and would like to show them off.

Samples of web sites designed by Advin Systems in Los Angeles

web site design Los Angeles
HotSpot for Birds
HotSpot Logo HotSpot for Birds is a web site devoted to the care of birds. There are articles written by experts in the field on keeping birds healthy through good nutrition and keeping birds safe through avoidance of dangerous chemicals and plants.

The product line includes live exotic birds, Lyon Electric Company incubators and brooders, bird houses, nuts at wholesale prices, the Austin HealthMate air purifier and other quality items for the care and enjoyment of birds.

We are the proud recipient of the Top 5% of All Web Sites award by Point Communications and WebCrawler Select.

web site design Los Angeles specializes in products for good health. The current catalogue includes air purification systems from Austin Air, C.A.R.E. 2000, Blueair, AllerAir and Amaircare. We will be expanding the site to include related products as well as informative articles on allergies, asthma, and indoor air quality.

web site design Los Angeles

Grady's Interiors
Grady's Interiors Logo Grady's Interiors offers a complete interior design service from initial plans to installation. Grady's carries the finest in window treatments, lamps and lighting, furniture, blinds, shutters, shades, flooring, carpet, tile, wallpaper, accessories, art work, custom bedding, upholstering and more. Listen to beautiful music while browsing their store.

web site design Los Angeles

San Pedro Seventh-Day Adventist Church
San Pedro Seventh-Day Adventist Church Logo The web site for the San Pedro Seventh Day Adventist Church helps connect the church to the Slavic community. It contains a growing library of sermons in the native language of most of the congregation. Members are notified of events and activities through an email announcement list maintained on the site.

web site design Los Angeles

Charting Your Futures
Charting Your Futures Visit the Charting Your Futures working web page. This site is designed to help futures traders learn and understand what they do at CYF and why they feel this is the year of commodities. The free daily technical studies (worksheets) are backed by 35 years of technical analysis and trading experience. The Real Audio workshops are updated every day. This site recently was rated as an Investor Link Top Site.

web site design Los Angeles

Field Management Associates
FMA Research Field Management Associates provides marketing research in California. Services include: mall studies, focus groups, pre-recruits, executive interviews, medical trials, mock juries and more. This was a complete re-design of an existing site. The new site is much more visually pleasing, easy to use and very conducive to favorable placement by search engines.

web site design Los Angeles

The Rat Zapper
Rat Zapper safe rat trap The Rat Zapper is a safe and humane way to kill rats and mice. This "better mousetrap" uses advanced electronic technology to deliver a deadly shock to rats and mice. Rodents are killed quickly and safely. No poisons or snap traps are used. Safe for use around pets and children.

web site design Los Angeles

Hammer and Nail Construction
Hammer and Nail Construction provides carpentry services in Los Angeles Hammer and Nail Construction provides carpentry services in the Los Angeles area. This straight-forward web site has a gallery of samples of decks and fences, giving the visitor a preview of the quality of work. The site is very easy to navigate and extremely search engine friendly.

web site design Los Angeles

Florence Ballard Fan Club
Florence Ballard Fan Club The Florence Ballard Fan Club contains information about the former member of the Supremes. Visitors can purchase photographs and back issues of the newsletter.

web site design Los Angeles

ChoSun Galbee Restaurant
ChoSun Galbi Korean Restaurant ChoSun Galbee is an excellent Korean Restaurant in Los Angeles. Join them for traditional foods such as authentic Korean Barbeque, Bibimbop, Kimchee, Cold Noodle dishes, Hot Pot Dishes and much more.

web site design Los Angeles

Allied Painting Contractors
Allied Painting Contractors - Painting and Decorating Services in Los Angeles Allied Painting Contractors has been serving Los Angeles for over twenty years. They are a full-service shop specializing in custom painting and wallpaper stripping. This web site plays music for your enjoyment while you are reading about Allied's services. Call (323)876-5644 for free estimate.

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